From your heart to their plate
המבורגר הבית


BBQ for IDF soldiers presents you with the opportunity to donate packages of delicious food to soldiers on the border of the Gaza Strip. We are in regular contact with the bases and make it our mission to provide these mouthwatering meals to the soldiers who need them most. Packages that are sent to the IDF soldiers are heavily discounted. We prepare and deliver the BBQ food for free so that, together with you, we can take part in feeding our IDF soldiers: from our hearts to their plates.

As two brothers who served on the front lines, we know the feeling of sheer exhaustion. We understand the experience of going days without sleep or a hot meal. We cannot forget the craving for a delicious gourmet dinner while stationed far away from our home and family. And so, when we took over the family company, we knew it was time to do something about it. We combined our love for gourmet food with our love for our IDF soldiers and created this incredible opportunity to give back to those that sacrifice it all for us. Join us in making a difference in the lives of IDF soldiers and sending them a hug in the form of a delicious meal!


עגלת קניות